Our training programmes are an important part of making sure our services are of the highest standard.

We have three different strands to our training:

Training for our volunteers and staff

  • Mandatory ongoing training for our volunteers and staff.
  • Continual professional development (CPD) for our volunteers and staff to enhance their skills.
  • Training for new bereavement volunteers which involves an initial three-month long foundation training course. This course is usually run every 12-18 months and the next course starting in January 2024 is fully booked. If you would like to register your interest for the next course, please let us know and we'll contact you when we have more details.

Training for organisations

  • Training in the workplace for organisations that want to be able to support their staff if a colleague dies. This training course is called Bereavement in the workplace: How to have that difficult conversation.

Workplace training

Bereavement in the workplace: how to have that difficult conversation

A man and two women smiling and taking part in a training session.

Course length

The course lasts for half a day.

Course cost

The course costs £600 and can have up to 16 participants. The costs cover handouts and delivery by two trainers. Venue hire costs will be incurred separately.

Why is bereavement awareness training important?

Talking about death isn't easy. Whether you are offering support to a customer or showing compassion for a colleague, some ideas on how to have these conversations might help you.

We will provide support to make those difficult conversations easier. We'll help you increase your understanding of grief and what helps as well as providing some ideas about what to say and what you probably shouldn’t say.

The aims of the course

To provide a better understanding and improved awareness of:

  • Factors affecting grief and the grieving process
  • Communicating effectively and compassionately with bereaved people
Course content

The course covers the following areas:

  • A brief overview of the work of Cruse
  • Understanding of our own losses and how this can impact how we respond to others
  • Grief and the grieving process
  • Communicating effectively and compassionately with bereaved people
  • Communication skills
  • What to say and not say
  • What helps
  • Supporting a bereaved colleague
  • Responding to the death of a colleague and the impact on the workplace
  • The importance of having a bereavement policy
  • When to refer on and where to find resources
  • The importance of self-care and looking after yourself
  • An opportunity to talk with the trainers following the session
What next?

If you are interested in this workshop, please complete our enquiry form below.

Three women and a man smiling while taking part in a training session.

Testimonials from past attendees

“The tone and delivery of the workshop was excellent. Clearly an emotional and complex topic that was conveyed and delivered in a really sensitive way.”

“Would benefit all people managers.”

“I really enjoyed the session thank you and it reassured me I am doing OK.”

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