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Who we are

Cruse Bereavement Support Isle of Man is a bereavement support charity that provides information and support to children, young people and adults on the Isle of Man.

We are affiliated to Cruse Bereavement Support — the UK's leading bereavement charity.

We were founded in 1988, which means we've been supporting bereaved people on the Isle of Man for 35 years. We used to be called Cruse Bereavement Care Isle of Man and changed to Cruse Bereavement Support Isle of Man in 2023. The word 'support' instead of 'care' is a better description of the positive, proactive support we provide to bereaved people.

We provide our services free of charge to individuals and families.

The Cruse strap line stating 'You're not alone'.

Our work

An infographic showing some key figures from 2022 - 225 adults helped, 104 children and young people helped, we responded to 77 requests for information and advice from people, schools, and companies, we provided crisis response to three organisations, 31 of our bereavement volunteers saw clients during the year, we recruited and trained 12 new bereavement volunteers, our volunteers gave over 1,500 hours of their time, and we held our 12th annual golf day sponsored by Celton Manx which has over the years raised over £100,000 for Cruse.

Our name

People often ask about what the name Cruse means. The word cruse is an old word for a jar or pot used to hold liquid, like water or oil.

The word was chosen for the charity’s name in the 1950s, taken from a story in the Old Testament. During a time of famine, a widow cared for the prophet Elijah. The story tells how, although she didn’t have much to share, as long as she looked after Elijah her cruse of oil never ran dry. As long as they looked after each other, they would always have resources both for others and for themselves.

Although the origins of the name come from a biblical story, Cruse is not a religious organisation.

Stacks of cruse-style jars and pots in a marketplace.

Why we're here

35 years of service to the Isle of Man community.

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